China asserts control in Kinmen waters, Taiwanese experts warn


Taipei: China continues to encroach on the waters around Taiwan-occupied Kinmen. strategic maneuver The aim is to establish “de facto” judicial control over the area, the Central News Agency of Taiwan reported, citing Taiwanese experts.
according to taiwan coast guard administration (CGA), On both Friday and Saturday, four Chinese coast guard patrol vessels entered Kinmen waters. The CGA closely monitored these incursions, and issued warnings until the Chinese ships departed.
In reply, china coast guard CNA Taiwan justified its actions on Friday, saying its patrols in Kinmen waters were “legal”, CNA reported.
Chieh Chung, a researcher at the Taiwan-based Association of Strategic Foresight, highlighted Beijing's intentions to create a scenario of “shared jurisdiction” with Taiwan, ultimately seeking exclusive control over the territory.
Cheah rejected any connection between China's actions and his handling of the recent incident involving the death of two Chinese nationals in a speedboat collision. He compared Chinese coast guard activities to previous incidents, particularly around the disputed Diaoyutai Islands claimed by Taiwan, China and Japan.
However, Chieh stressed that China has exercised restraint, recognizing the potential for regional conflict arising from provocations over areas such as Diaoyutai Island or Kinmen.
Su Tzu-yun, a research fellow at Taiwan's Institute for National Defense and Security Research, referred to the recent incursions as part of Beijing's broader strategy of pursuing non-military tactics against Taiwan, including cognitive warfare. And economic coercion is involved.
Regarding the Kinmen incident, Su characterized Beijing's actions as part of a gray zone operation aimed at undermining the sovereignty of the Republic of China, Taiwan's official designation.
Su warned that although Beijing may limit the use of new tactics against Taiwan, it is likely to increase the frequency of applying existing strategies. He urged the Taiwanese government to enhance its risk management capabilities to effectively address potential conflicts, Focus Taiwan reported.

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