China ‘deeply concerned’ about escalation after Iran strikes Israel


New Delhi: China “deeply concerned” over rising tensions Middle East next iranAs a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday, the recent drone and missile attacks on Israel. It is Iran's first direct attack on Israeli territory, raising the risk of wider conflict in a region where China plays a mediating role and secures a significant portion of its energy supplies.
As published on the ministry's website, in response to inquiries from unidentified journalists regarding the Iranian attacks, the spokesperson urged all parties concerned to maintain peace and show restraint to prevent further escalation of hostilities. Emphasizing the need for influential nations to contribute positively to the preservation of regional peace and stability, the Spokesperson highlighted the importance of the role of the international community.
The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas In Gaza, now in its seventh month, tensions have escalated in the area that extends to Lebanon and Syria, with long-range attacks targeting Israeli interests from Yemen and Iraq. Linking this round of tensions to the Gaza conflict, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed the need to immediately resolve the situation as a top priority.
China's earlier mediation efforts between Iran and Saudi Arab Reports were noted indicating China's request to Iran to stop Iran-backed Houthi attacks in the Red Sea in order to safeguard trade ties with Beijing. The Chinese Embassy in Iran advised Chinese citizens and companies to increase security measures, leading to flights being canceled and monitoring by Chinese airlines.
Notably, China Southern Airlines canceled a flight to Iran on Sunday, while Hainan Airlines is closely monitoring the situation to assess the feasibility of an upcoming flight to Israel. Flight services from China to Tehran and Tel Aviv were affected, with airlines closely monitoring the developments.
The situation underlines the delicate balance of power in the region and the role of the international community in de-escalating tensions, as concerns grow over the potential for further escalation.

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