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Ambani family at a family function.

Ambani family at a family function. , Photo courtesy: PTI

It's hard to run for high political office in the United States without a photogenic family. The only unmarried US president ever was James Buchanan (1857–1861).

This has never really been an issue in India. Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi is unmarried. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a bachelor and had an unusual living arrangement, which included his long-time partner and her family. It did not disappoint the voters. Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power by touting his lack of close family as an electoral asset. This, he said, is a guarantee that he will never go down the dynastic path and will not favor his children.

Now when political rival Lalu Prasad Yadav has taken a dig about Modi's lack of family, the Prime Minister has cleverly turned it on its head, as he once did.tea seller“satire. His supporters are rallying around him and holding signs declaring themselves “”.Modi's family, The Prime Minister said, “140 crore people of the country are my family.”

At one time, I thought Americans were obsessed with their presidential families because their own families were falling apart around them. Fewer people were getting married, divorce rates were rising, and conservatives were complaining that the only people who really wanted to get married were gay couples. Saving the family had become a political concern.

Even though family comes first in America, India strongly believes in family first.

just rich value

Ambani's lavish pre-wedding party was as much about the glitz as it was about presenting a wholesome Indian family to the world at large. It doesn't matter if there is a fight between brothers over a business empire, as long as there is conflict in the family. Dandiya While the celebrity stars play second fiddle simultaneously. They were extras at this grand family affair. And family values ​​look better when wrapped up in Tarun Tahiliani.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, we have a very different super rich family. Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy have a lot to be proud of, including their recent nomination to the Rajya Sabha, but lately people worship them as living idols of the ordinary family. Every other day, I get a large number of forwards on WhatsApp showing the Murthy family doing simple tasks Common man Family talks together. People talk about his visit to the market or to get ice cream as if they are witnessing a minor miracle. Simply being rich is one thing, but being so rich and yet being so simple is quite another.

As viewers looking with our noses to the mirror, we are actually taking the same lesson from both of these spectacles. We are reassured that the great Indian family is alive and well, even though we know that in the real world, husbands are beating wives, sons are driving fathers out of their homes, and siblings are being stabbed. Is. But their pre-wedding dance steps on Instagram Reels are coordinated. They work 70 hours a week and are attractive'When we met'Stories. They always look so different from my family's nighties and sweatpants. If the big pompous Indian wedding wasn't enough headache, now we have the 'Indian super family' as our aspirational nightmare.

keep an eye on opinion polls

Frankly, I love reading about families like Gerald Durrell's my family and other animals – Useless, quarrelsome but still loving. Later, I learned that Durrell had also taken great literary license, but unlike the Jamnagar reels it still felt genuine. This is not about Murthy or Ambanis or any other family. It seems that family values ​​have become more important than the market value of the family.

Now that value can be measured in terms of electoral gold.

After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, Congress gave the election slogan 'India will remember the sacrifice of mother and son (India will always remember the sacrifice of mother and son)'. But it was also reminding voters that this was a very special family, one that ordinary Indians were allowed to respect but were never expected to match. Instead, they can show their respect by voting one vote at a time.

That distinction brought immense benefits to Congress over the years. Now Modi has cleverly invited every Indian to be a part of his friends and family event and feel like they are connected to something special. The best thing about this scheme is that it is electorally beneficial. we two, our two Basically vote.

Now this takes family planning to a whole new level.

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