Competitive exam pressure in India deemed ‘a rat race to extinction’


New Delhi: joho Founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu Criticizing the intense pressure of competitive examinations in India, it was called a “race towards extinction”. Sharing his views on an advertisement by premier educational institute FIITJEE, Sridhar highlighted the harmful narrative perpetuated by such advertisements. The advertisement humiliated a student who scored poorly in a competitive exam and cited her low marks as the reason for leaving her exam. fitji To join another institution.
“India has to come out of this hyper-competitive exam pressure On children and young adults,” Sridhar said.
“Intense pressure at an early age often destroys talent and leads to zombified adults. It's a race to extinction.
The CEO of a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company said, “Intense competition is for service companies in the marketplace and games, not for children in education.”
The advertisement was initially flagged off by IRS Deputy Commissioner Katyayani Sanjay Bhatia.
“We talk about parents pressurizing children for IIT JEE, but what about this form of advertising where you shame a student for not performing well? And by claiming superiority Claiming that she would have performed well if she had been in your institute? Shameful @fitji, he wrote in the post.
Interestingly, the institute has reportedly stopped the salaries of its employees for the last two months and asked them to work hard.
Dinesh Kumar Goyal, Founder and Managing Director, FIITJEE, reportedly said, “Coming to office without a clear goal will take you nowhere. Salary is not a matter of entitlement, it should be earned by doing what you are expected to do Is.” Wrote in an email.

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