Craving Chaat? Try This Easy Baked Baby Potato Chaat Today


One of the most underrated vegetables in the kitchen, baby potatoes are an absolute delight to eat. Despite their small size, they pack a flavorful punch and offer a multitude of culinary possibilities. These tiny spuds can be boiled, roasted, or even grilled to perfection, making them ideal for various dishes. Whether they are smashed and seasoned for a crispy side dish or tossed in salads for added texture, baby potatoes can elevate any meal. But have you ever tried them in chaat? Sounds unconventional? Well, it is, but it also gives you amazing results!

Digital Creator Nitya Hegde shared a delightful recipe for baked baby potato chaat, which isn’t just easy to make but super delicious. Want to learn how to make it? Watch the video.

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How To Make Baked Baby Potato Chaat At Home

To make baked baby potato chaat at home, take two dozen baby potatoes, clean them, and pressure cook. Make sure the baby potatoes are cooked 95% only and not fully. Now take a baking tray and line it with parchment paper. Place the cooked baby potatoes on parchment paper and flatten them using a bowl. Once done, sprinkle oil and spices – salt, Kashmiri red chilli powder, chaat masala, pepper, and cumin powder – on top of it. Bake the coated baby potatoes for 20 minutes at 180°C.

In the meantime, take a large bowl and add yogurt, cucumber, red bell pepper, onion, pomegranate, salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar in it. Mix well. Once the baby potatoes are baked, mix them with the yogurt dressing and serve!

Several fans of Hegde’s cooking expressed their excitement for this easy-baked Baby Potato Chaat recipe.

One of them wrote, “Loved the crispy aloo chaat this way.”

Another user said, “I have to make this asap.”

A third user commented, “Got me salivating.”

Here Are Some Baby Potato Recipes That You Can Try At Home

1. Potato Chettinad

Potato Chettinad is a spicy and delicious semi-dried recipe that involves baby potatoes, Chettinad masala, onions, and tomatoes. It is often served with rice or appams. Find the full recipe here.

2. Soyabean and Baby Potatoes Biryani

Wholesome and so tasty, soybean and baby potatoes biryani is an easy recipe that is packed with several flavors. This recipe uses soybean, baby potatoes, spices, coconut milk, and basmati rice, and is perfect for your summer nights! View the full recipe here.

3. Masala Baby Potato Roast

A family favorite, masala baby potato roast makes for a perfect side dish with your dal. The freshly ground spice mix coats the potatoes and gives them a delicious flavor. Find the full recipe here.

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