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TM Krishna was selected for the Sangeet Kalanidhi Award of the Music Academy for 2024.

TM Krishna selected for Music Academy's Sangeet Kalanidhi Award for 2024 Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

Why: Although the Sangeet Academy Sabha was established in 1928 and its annual music conference began in 1929, in which year did all those who presided till then receive the title of Sangeet Kalanidhi?

A: 1943. The award was the brainchild of KV Krishnaswamy Iyer, the then President of the Music Academy

Why: If Semmangudi Srinivas Iyer is the youngest male artiste to receive Sangeetha Kalanidhi, then who is the youngest female awardee?

A: ML Vasantha Kumari

Why: The award was not given in 1946 and 1967 due to the centenary of Tyagaraya's death and the bicentenary of his birth respectively. Why was it not given in 1975?

A: To commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Muttuswami Dikshitar

Why: Before GJR Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, the last brother-sister duo to receive the prestigious award was the 'Bombay Sisters' in 2010. Tell them their names.

A: C. Saroja and C. Lalita

Why: Who became the first dance artist to be honored with Sangeet Kalanidhi in 1973?

A: Balasaraswati

Why: Musician Ananthakrishna Sarma was mainly honored for which pioneering work?

A: Deciphering Annamacharya literature from copper plates at Tirumala

Why: Name the Carnatic legend who, when the Academy first approached him, refused to accept the honor saying that before he received the award in 1958, there were other experienced artistes who should have been honored before him.

A: GN Balasubramaniam

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