Dal Makhani? Vegan? Yes Please! Try This Delectable Dish Today


Creamy and luxurious, there is hardly any foodie who would deny the comfort of dal makhani. It is one of the most popular dals in India and a staple at parties and gatherings. It has a combination of flavours that are perfectly balanced with a variety of spices. For the unversed, Dal Makhani derives its name from two words, Dal, meaning lentil, and Makhani, meaning butter. It might not sound like the most vegan dish, given its literal translation, but today we bring an equally delightful recipe of Vegan Dal Makhani. This recipe is made from vegan ingredients but does not compromise on taste. It can be served at your family and friends’ get-togethers. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about Vegan Dal Makhani.

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Vegan Dal Makhani does not require dairy.

Vegan Dal Makhani does not require dairy.
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Can Vegan People Eat Dal?

Yes! It’s a common myth that vegan people cannot eat dal. However, as long as you don’t put any dairy items in the dal, you are good to go. This recipe of Vegan Dal Makhani uses vegan butter and cashew cream instead of dairy which makes it perfect for vegan people to consume.

Why Is Vegan Dal Makhani So Good?

Vegan Dal Makhani is easy to make and delicious. It only requires staple pantry ingredients but does not compromise on taste in any way. The best part about this Vegan Dal Makhani recipe is that it is completely vegan and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The flavours of this dal makhani recipe are velvety and luxurious, making it a perfect dish option for weekend family and friends get-togethers. What’s more, you can make it creamier by adding vegan milk (almonds or oats) and it would still taste like a restaurant-style dish. 

What Can You Serve With Vegan Dal Makhani?

Just like normal dal makhani, vegan dal makhani tastes good with flatbreads like naan, roti, or paratha. However, a personal tip, this vegan dal makhani tastes best with green chilli laccha paratha, and pickled onions. You can also pair this dish with white or brown rice, pulao or vegetable biryani. 

Vegan Dal Makhani is easy to make.

Vegan Dal Makhani is easy to make.
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How To Make Vegan Dal Makhani At Home: Recipe To Make Vegan Dal Makhani At Home

As mentioned above, vegan dal makhani is easy to make and does not require any over-the-top ingredients from your pantry. To make this recipe, boil lentils and beans in a pressure cooker. In the meantime, prepare the masala with onions, ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes and spices. Once cooked, add the masala to boiled lentils and beans, and adjust the spices. Add vegan cream and garnish with ingredients of your choice. And it’s done! 

Want a step-by-step guide to Vegan Dal Makhani? Click here to know more.

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