Debut director Harshiv Karthik on his Telugu film ‘Bahumukham’


A scene during the shooting of debutant director Harshiv Karthik's film Bahumukham.

A scene during the shooting of debutant director Harshiv Karthik's film Bahumukham. , Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The intricacies of the human psyche inspired Harshiv Karthik to embark on his first directorial venture with the film. multifaceted, a psychological thriller. Kartik will also be seen playing the lead role in the film along with many new faces.

Karthik, who completed his engineering in Visakhapatnam, moved to America in 2008 to pursue a career in IT. He grew up appreciating the work of veteran Telugu filmmakers like K Vishwanath and K Balachander. During his schooling, he was naturally attracted towards the stage, due to which he won the first state level dance competition in 2004.

Debut director Harshiv Karthik

Debut director Harshiv Karthik. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Karthik chose a secure life in the corporate world to support his middle-class family. However, he had a deep desire to explore his passion for cinema and try his hand at film production. Over the past few years, he has been focusing on various aspects of filmmaking during his spare time. “Like any newcomer to cinema who has no background in films, I was spending time learning the art. The genre of psychological thriller has always fascinated me; It's also a genre that appeals to the audience,” says Karthik, who has written, designed, produced and directed the film. multifaceted It was filmed in several locations in and around Atlanta, Macon, Canton, Georgia, and other parts of the United States. The trailer released in February hinted at an entertaining narrative with a catchy background score by Sricharan Pakala.

The film focuses on the journey of the protagonist (Tanveer), an aspiring young actor who moves to a city after spending his formative years in a detention centre. He meets Disha, a psychiatrist, every month as part of his mandatory counseling sessions. Tanveer seeks help from him and his mother to pursue his and his mother's dream of becoming actors and tries to start a new life. However, he has terrible secrets that make him a danger to those around him.

The story explores the duality of the protagonist in a mystery drama. The film is co-produced by Arvind Reddy and produced under the banner Crystal Mountain Productions. The film stars debutant actress Swarnima Singh in the lead and also features Russian dancer Maria Martynova. Luke Fletcher is the cinematographer, Phani Kalyan is the music director. The film has been screened at film festivals in America and France.

Hinting about portraying three characters in the film, Kartik says, “I have tried to experiment with a new concept in this film and hope the audience will like it.” “Many parts of the story are inspired by my life and struggles in the world of cinema when I used to audition for films in Hyderabad; But due to family pressure, I changed the direction of my career,” he adds.

Talking about integrating art forms in the film, Karthik says that he approached Maria Martynova for a musical sequence to blend the dance forms of Flamenco and Kathak. “The dance sequence takes place in a flashback setting. While we were collaborating on it, Maria played an important character in the film,” he added.

Karthik is currently promoting his film in a unique style in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Displaying the trailer of his film on a big LED screen, which he carries as a backpack, he is roaming around the busy streets of cities and interacting with the public to get their feedback.

multifaceted Releasing in theaters on March 29.

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