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Feb 9, 2024

Islamabad: Pakistan's Interior Ministry has said that concerns raised by the media and public about the late processing of election results have been reviewed. It said the delay in election results was due to “lack of connectivity“which he stressed was the result of preventive measures taken to ensure foolproof Security,
In a post on X, Pakistan Interior Ministry “Concerns regarding delay in processing of results have been addressed to the concerned returning officers of the public and media. This has been attributed to lack of connectivity, which is a result of the precautions taken to ensure foolproof security,” it said. Was.”
It added, “Protocols to ensure the safety of both the crew and the belts have been extensive and time-consuming. The situation is now satisfactory and results are expected to continue.”
Amid the delay in the announcement of election results, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja has contacted chief secretaries, DROs and provincial election commissioners, reports The News International. According to the ECP press release, they have issued strict instructions to ensure immediate declaration of results.
Amid delay in Pakistan election results amid slow counting of votes, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has alleged that the mandate of the people of Pakistan is being stolen. Imran Khan's party said every independent result shows that PTI is winning with a huge majority despite pre-poll rigging and harassment.
PTI said votes for each candidate are tabulated at each polling station on Form 45. Imran Khan's party noted that copies of these forms have been collected by polling agents of the PTI candidate, which show him winning with a large majority. However, the returning officers are now manipulating the results using Form 47.
In a statement issued at showed that PTI was winning with a huge majority. Form 45 is the primary source of election results at the lowest level.”
“Votes for each candidate are tabulated at each polling station on Form 45. Copies of these forms have been collected by polling agents of PTI candidates, which show them winning with large majorities. However, the returning officers are now using the results to “What is being manipulated is Form 47, which is a summary of all Form 45s from each polling station,” it added.
PTI alleged that there were reports of polling agents being kidnapped and forced to sign fake Form 45. Imran Khan's party said that it has video evidence of rigging. It said that the people of Pakistan would not accept “rigged elections”.
In a statement posted on Twitter, PTI said, “In addition, there are also reports of polling agents being kidnapped and forced to sign fake Form 45. As per the Election Act, the results will be declared till 2:00 am ( Issuance of Form 47) is mandatory.” , The presence of candidates and their polling agents is also mandatory during the counting and compilation of Form 47 process. However, both these requirements were not met. There are reports that PTI nominated candidates are suddenly losing in various constituencies even though they had already won. By a clear majority.”
“PTI has certified Form 45, which proves fraud. PTI also has video evidence of rigging. Neither PTI nor the people of Pakistan will accept these massively rigged results. People's mandate “Manipulations will only lead to more chaos and instability.” ,” it added.
The voting process for the 2024 general elections in Pakistan ended on 8 February. As per ARY News report, voting in Pakistan began at 8 am and continued till 5 pm without any interruption to provide maximum time to the citizens to exercise their right to vote.
According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), more than 128 million registered voters were to exercise their democratic right by casting votes for the candidates contesting for the national and provincial assemblies.
Voting was held for 265 seats of the National Assembly and 590 seats of the Provincial Assembly. Voting for this election was postponed due to the death of a candidate on one seat. There are 336 seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan.
A total of 266 seats are decided through direct voting on the election day, while 70 reserved seats are allocated according to the strength of each party in the House. According to ARY News report, a party needs 133 seats for a simple majority.
Voting was held on 51 seats of Balochistan Assembly, 128 out of 130 seats of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, 296 out of 297 seats of Punjab Assembly and 130 seats of Sindh Assembly. As per ARY News report, voting took place in 855 out of 859 constituencies. However, voting did not take place on NA 8, PP 266, PK 22 and PK 91 due to the death of the candidate.

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