Denmark plans to expand military draft to women for the first time and extend service terms


Copenhagen: denmark wants to increase the number of young people doing military service by extension recruitment To women And the service time for both sexes has been increased from 4 months to 11 months, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Wednesday. “We are not retreating because we want war. We are retreating because we want to avoid it,” Frederiksen said at a news conference. He said the government wanted “complete equality between the sexes”.
According to official figures, Denmark currently has 9,000 professional soldiers in addition to 4,700 conscripts receiving basic training. The government wants to increase the number of constables by 300 to take the total to 5,000.
The country is a member of the NATO alliance and is a staunch supporter of Ukraine in the war against Russian aggression.
Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen stressed that “Russia is not a threat to Denmark”.
“But we won't get ourselves into a place where they can come do that,” Lokke Rasmussen said.
All physically healthy men over the age of 18 are called up for military service, which lasts about four months. However, because there are not enough volunteers, there is a lottery system, which means that not all youth serve.
In 2023, there were 4,717 conscripts in Denmark. According to official figures, the number of women who volunteered for military service was 25.1 percent of the total group.
Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said the new system would require a change in law, which would take place in 2025 and take effect in 2026.
The security policy situation in Europe “has become more and more serious, and we have to take this into account when we consider future defence”, Lund Poulsen said. “There is a need for a broader base of recruitment that includes all genders,” he said, adding that this would create “a more versatile and more holistic security.”
Under the plan, which is likely to have a majority in the Danish parliament, conscripts would first spend five months in basic training, followed by six months in operational service with supplementary training.
In 2017, neighboring Sweden established a military draft For both men and women as the Swedish government spoke of the deteriorating security environment in Europe and around Sweden. The Scandinavian country previously abolished mandatory military service for men in 2010 because there were not enough volunteers to meet its military needs. There had never before been a military draft for women.
Norway introduced a law in 2013 that implemented military conscription for both sexes.

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