Denying same-sex marriage unconstitutional: Japan HC


Refusing gay marriage unconstitutional: Japan High Court

Tokyo: A Japanese high court ruled on Thursday denying gay marriage Is unconstitutional and called for immediate government action to eliminate the lack of any laws allowing such unions. The plaintiffs and the LGBTQ+ community appreciated this historical decision This gives them hope for change towards equality.
The court does not have the power to overturn current marriage law, which has been interpreted to prohibit marriage between one man and one woman. Government offices may continue to deny marriage status to same-sex couples, unless existing law is amended to include LGBTQ+ couples or a new law is enacted that grants other types of union. Allows.
Sapporo HC decision Said that not allowing same-sex couples to marry and enjoy the same benefits as straight couples is a violation of Fundamental Rights For equality and freedom to marry. The case was brought by three same-sex couples who appealed after a lower court three years earlier recognized the unconstitutionality of excluding same-sex couples. marriage equality But his claim for compensation for his suffering was rejected. Earlier on Thursday, a lower court had issued a similar ruling, becoming the sixth district court to do so. But the Tokyo District Court's decision was only a partial victory for Japan's LGBTQ+ community demanding equal marriage rights, as it does not change or overturn the present. civil union law The government says marriage is defined as between one man and one woman.
Japan is the only G7 member that still excludes same-sex couples from the right to marry and receive spousal benefits.

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