Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan releases ‘Vazhakku’ online after spat with Tovino Thomas


A scene from 'Vazhakku'

A scene from 'Vazhakku' Photo Courtesy: @sanalkumar sasidharan/Youtube

Controversy over Malayalam film vazhakku A dramatic turn has come. The film's director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has released the Tovino Thomas starrer film online to watch for free.

The issue started about five days ago when Sanal wrote a long post on her Facebook in which she accused Tovino of interfering in the release of the film, both OTT and theatrically, with concerns that it would impact her career. . He told that the film was shot in 2020 and was ready to release in 2021 but it got hampered because of Tovino.

Responding to this, Tovino hosted an Instagram Live video with Sanal's cousin and Vaazhakku co-producer Girish Chandran, where he said that it was Sanal who had interfered in the release of the film. Apart from mentioning how his idea of ​​sending the film to the Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) was rejected by the director out of fear of it being leaked online, Tovino also said that he spent ₹ 100,000 in the making of the film without any returns. 27 lakhs have been invested. He did this out of respect for the director.

The filmmaker refuted Tovino's claims by uploading the entire film on Vimeo and shared the link on his Facebook, captioning which he wrote, “Cinema should be seen by the audience. For anyone who wants to see it, it's here Vazhakku (quarrel). Now you will understand why the film was not released.”

The film has now been removed from the video-sharing website. vazhakku It also stars Kani Kusruti, Sudev Nair and Azis Nedumangad.

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