Display names of callers, suggests Trai


New Delhi: A new step is being taken to deal with it. harassing calls and control fraud mobile phone, telecom regulator TRAI on Friday recommended that names of callers should be displayed in incoming calls. And, caller details can be obtained from the Customer Application Form (CAF). TRAI Said, as it had recommended the measure to the Department of Telecommunications.
Annoying, fraudulent calls, unwanted customer communications remain a headache for customers and the government. Many steps taken in this direction have failed to yield the desired results.
“Telephone consumers, on various forums, have raised concerns that in the absence of calling party name presentation service, they prefer not to attend calls from unknown numbers, as most of such calls are unsolicited commercial communications from unregistered telemarketers. As a result “Even genuine telephone calls may remain unanswered,” TRAI said, adding that telephone consumers have also raised their concerns regarding robocalls, spam calls and fraudulent calls.
Currently, there are not many solutions to this threat, although companies and the government have tried to control it. Smartphone users use native tools and third-party apps to identify the name of the calling party and flag spam calls. For example, Apple offers a 'silence unknown callers' feature on iPhones. The Google Phone app for Android has a 'Caller ID and Spam' protection feature that allows phone users to mark incoming calls as spam. Additionally, third-party apps like 'TrueCaller' and 'Bharat Caller ID & Anti-Spam' also provide calling party name recognition and spam detection.
TRAI says these measures have been largely ineffective. “Generally, native smartphone tools and third-party apps provide name recognition services based on crowd-sourced data. However, in many cases crowd-sourced name recognition information may not be reliable”.
TRAI, in its recommendations, said that “Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) Supplementary Service” should be introduced for Indian telecom users. All access service providers must provide the service to their telephone customers upon request.”
TRAI said that after accepting the recommendations, the government should issue appropriate directions to make CNAP feature available in all devices sold in India after the appropriate cut-off date.

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