Domestic Umpiring Standards Under Scanner After CK Nayudu Trophy Howler


The questionable dismissal of Karnataka opener Prakhar Chaturvedi in the recent Colonel CK Nayudu Trophy U23 final against Uttar Pradesh has raised concerns about the standards of umpiring in domestic matches. The unpleasant incident occurred in Karnataka's first innings when Chaturvedi played a pull far away from his body against UP fast bowler Krunal Tyagi. The ball, which took a good edge of Chaturvedi's bat, went away from stumper Aaradhya Yadav, who had to dive full length to her left to collect.

But before he could complete the catch, the ball went out of Yadav's gloves, while the wicketkeeper fell on the ground.

However, the on-field umpire upheld the appeal for caught behind the wicket much to the disappointment of batsman Chaturvedi, who scored 33 and 86 in Karnataka's maiden win in the tournament, courtesy of their first innings lead at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium here. But she came.

“Yes, it was a clear case of not out because I saw the clipping later,” a former first-class umpire told PTI. The ball went out of the hands of the UP wicketkeeper before he could complete the catch. The umpire should not have given it out.'' On the condition of anonymity.

“It is important to maintain high standards as these junior tournaments are important stepping stones for many budding cricketers. Imagine how bad that boy (Chaturvedi) must have felt to get out like that after spending almost an hour at the crease.”

“Also, umpiring standards have a direct relationship with the overall quality of the match,” he added.

So, how can one ensure consistency and a high level of accuracy in domestic umpiring? “The BCCI has laid down some strict criteria in the selection process of umpires and the umpire associations of many state associations are also working hard to ensure good standards of umpiring.

“But I think former cricketers should be encouraged to take up umpiring because they know the game closer than anyone else. We have S Venkataraghavan, Peter Willey, David Shepherd and Dickie Bird who were excellent umpires because He relied on his playing experience on the day,” he said.

Recently, former India batsman Manoj Tiwari had criticized the poor standards of umpiring in domestic cricket.

Another former first-class batsman said that incidents of umpires making childish mistakes are quite common in the domestic circuit.

“It's quite common, especially in junior cricket. But in a Ranji (Trophy) match, I hurt my hips and the umpire gave out leg before. I was 48 then. I brushed it aside thinking that Mistakes can happen.” to anyone.

“But in the next innings, when I was batting on 45, the same umpire gave me out caught off the bowling of a left-arm spinner, even though my bat was safely hidden behind my pads when I released the ball. Even the stupid point fielder couldn't hide his surprise,'' he said.

Initiatives like the Umpiring Academy in Nagpur have been taken to improve standards but lack of consistency remains a hindrance.

“They were good ideas but did not take off as expected. There is also an ICC online course for umpires.

“But beyond all this, the board should increase the remuneration for the umpires and also ensure that first-class umpires officiate at the state level or even in some local matches so that there is no gap between the tasks and they are sharper.” Stay tuned,” the umpire explained.

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