Donald Trump on Zelenskyy: ‘He is a much better salesman than me’


former us president Donald Trumpwho is currently leading the Republican field 2024 Ukrainian President Vladimir is described in the presidential nomination Zelensky As an extraordinary “salesman”. According to Trump, Zelensky always manages to secure adequate security financial help from Washington every time he visits the United States.
At a recent campaign event in Vandalia, Ohio, Trump expressed his stance on the substantial financial aid being given to Kiev. He revisited his previous suggestion that the United States should provide loans to Kiev rather than direct financial aid.
Trump proposed, “We should lend them money, not send them money, so that if they do – they are against enormous odds – they pay us back.” He stressed the need for accountability, saying, “Lend them the money, let them be a little better… Lend them the money, don't just hand them a check for $60 billion.”
Reflecting on Zelensky's fundraising abilities, Trump commented, “I tell you, Zelensky is one of the greatest salesmen in history. Whenever he comes to the country, he leaves with 50 or 60 billion dollars.
“I could never do that,” he humbly admitted. He is a much better salesman than me.”
Since the beginning of the Russia–Ukraine conflict in February 2022, the United States has emerged as Kyiv's most prominent supporter, providing approximately $113 billion of military, economic, and humanitarian assistance.
In the context of the upcoming election, Trump criticized the attitude of NATO countries regarding US spending on Ukraine.Suggesting that they find American actions ridiculous and should instead “pay their bills.”
President Joe Biden is currently advocating a $95 billion foreign aid package, which would include more than $60 billion in additional military aid for Kiev. Biden has warned that without this aid, Ukraine risks losing more territory to Russia. While the Senate has approved the request, it faces hurdles in Congress due to resistance from Republican lawmakers.
Additionally, the Biden administration announced plans to send an additional $300 million in military aid to Ukraine.
There are also discussions within the Biden administration regarding the possible use of approximately $285 billion of Russian assets seized in 2022 for military aid to Ukraine.

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