Dont Throw Away The Orange Peel! Make A Delicious Soup With It

Feb 5, 2024

Today, zero-waste cooking is the buzzword in the world of gastronomy. But did you know that this concept has been very much practiced in India, for ages now? If you explore, you will find a pool of recipes made with the leftover parts of a fruit or vegetable. We recently came across one such dish that blew our minds with its flavours and aroma. It’s the refreshing orange peel soup. The recipe has been shared by Chef Bhasin on his official Instagram handle.

What Is So Special About Orange Peel Soup? What Makes Orange Peel Soup So Unique?

Most of the time, we throw away the peels after eating the juicy oranges. To your surprise, these peels are super versatile. You can use it as a garnishing element or as a beauty product for natural skin care. Some people also make tea with peels for several health benefits.

In the soup, orange peel works as the master ingredient. The best part is, you do not need to do any extra preparation for the dish. You can throw in any vegetable left in the refrigerator. According to Chef Bhasin, “This particular dish aims to clean your refrigerator to stash new and fresh produce”. And the fact that this soup is extremely healthy needs no separate mention.

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Chef-Special Orange Peel Soup Recipe | How To Make Orange Peel Soup:

Chef Bhasin explains, “Start with cleaning the peels. Make sure you scrape the white part of the skin to avoid any kind of bitterness.” Next, julienne the peels.

Now, heat some oil and saute garlic and onion. Next, add any vegetables you have in store. Cut them into big cubes and add. Add some chili flakes and the orange peels and mix.

Add salt and freshly crushed black pepper and let the vegetables boil in water for some time. When the vegetables are boiled but crunchy, add some soya sauce and lemon zest and give a final mix.

Finally, add some lemon juice, and fresh basil and close the lid for some time for the flavours to infuse. And you have a delicious bowl of orange peel soup ready to be relished.

Watch the detailed recipe video below:

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