Dying mother sacrifices own life hands over baby in Sydney mall stabbing rampage


New Delhi: During stabbing incident in sydney mallA heartbreaking act of bravery emerged as witnesses described the desperate actions of a mother, Ashley Good, who gave her life to save her nine-month-old baby. ChildHarriet.
Good, 38, handed her injured child to a stranger when the attacker approached them in the shopping complex. Tragically, Good died in hospital, bringing the death toll to six. However, her child is in a critical but stable condition after several hours of surgery.
Good's family described her as a remarkable person and expressed gratitude to those who cared for Harriet in her absence. Sky News Australia reporter Laura Jess was emotional as she shared her connection with Good, highlighting the devastating loss suffered by the community.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised the bravery of ordinary Australians who risked their lives to help others during the attacks. He praised Police Inspector Amy Scott, who confronted the attacker and ultimately killed him, thereby ensuring the safety of many people. Scott's quick and courageous action was instrumental in preventing further damage, as he faced the attacker alone.
Eyewitnesses reported that Scott ordered the attacker to drop his weapon before shooting him. Without his intervention, the situation could have escalated further. Scott's bravery exemplifies the selflessness and dedication of law enforcement officers to protect the public.
Overall, the tragic events at the Sydney Mall highlighted both the resilience and bravery of individuals facing the darkness and danger of senseless violence.
An unidentified middle-aged witness at the scene told national broadcaster ABC that he saw the shooting.
“All I heard was 'put it down.' And was giving him CPR,” he said.
Police said senior officers were near the shopping center when the stabbing incident took place and people present there tipped them off to the location of the gunman.
“The actions he took saved many lives,” said New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cook.
“She was alone.”

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