Ed Sheeran On The Great Indian Kapil Show. No Biggie, Because “Bade Bade Shehron Mein…”


Ed Sheeran in The Great Indian Kapil Show.  No problem, because 'in big cities...'

Ed Sheeran with Kapil Sharma. (courtesy: youtube)

New Delhi:

next guest The Great Indian Kapil Show Needs no introduction. Singer Ed Sheeran is Kapil Sharma's new guest on his Netflix chat show. The promo video of the episode was shared on Wednesday. While talking to Ed Sheeran, Kapil says, 'You are younger than me in age but I am younger than you in English.' The clip also features Ed Sheeran singing your size With desi touch. However, the highlight of the promo is the part where Ed Sheeran recreates Shah Rukh Khan's iconic pose. Kapil Sharma tells the ad, “I was watching your videos, you went to Shahrukh Khan's house. You met him. Wow.” Ed replied with Shahrukh's evergreen The one who has heart will take the bride away. Talk.

,Such small things keep happening in big cities,” was Ed Sheeran's reply to Kapil. Wait, it gets better. Ed Sheeran is then seen recreating SRK's iconic pose (no guessing which one). ICYDK, Shah Rukh Khan personally taught Ed Sheeran the iconic pose (more on that later) The caption on the promo video read, “The perfect collab doesn't exist… Ed Sheeran on #TheGreatIndianKapilShow this Saturday at 8PM only Watch it on Netflix.”

Watch the promo video here:

In March this year, the singer met Shahrukh Khan and both of them recreated Shahrukh's signature pose. SRK and Ed Sheeran shared a collaborative post on Instagram and it won the internet's hearts. The video was titled, “This is our shape. Spreading love together…”

Gauri Khan had also posted pictures with Ed Sheeran earlier this year. He hosted her at Mannat and wrote, “What a pleasure it was to hear you sing! Thanks for spending the evening with us… (by the way, love the Diavol X jacket).”

Ed Sheeran had previously visited India in 2017 and he partied with Bollywood celebrities after his first Indian concert.

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