‘Enjoy Enjaami’ controversy: Maajja responds to Santhosh Narayanan’s allegations


Composer Santosh Narayanan;  Noel Keerthiraj, CEO of Mazza

Composer Santosh Narayanan; Noel Keerthiraj, CEO of Mazza | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

More than a week after musician Santosh Narayanan alleged that music label Mazza has not remunerated Arivu, Dhee and himself for their viral song 'Enjoy Enjaami', Mazza CEO Noel Keerthiraj has responded to the allegations.

In a statement to the press, Noel said that the label strongly refutes “false and damaging allegations aimed at tarnishing the reputation” and that the label stands by its commitment to indie artists and indie music.

“There was no question of us not meeting our commitments or diverting any revenue away from the artists. However, contrary to what we were led to believe, there is no consensus on contributions to the song between the artists involved. Additionally, as per the contractual obligations of the artists, despite our repeated requests, we have not received any disclosure or statement outlining the direct engagement and revenue collected, further complicating the resolution process,” the statement said. Read.

“Nonetheless, it is worth noting that while the two artists involved have received advances, Mazza has also incurred significant expenses on his own behalf. We understand the importance of resolving this issue swiftly and fairly for all parties involved. “Given the recent reprehensible allegations, we will address them through appropriate channels.”

Last Tuesday, on the third anniversary of the hit song 'Enjoy Enjaamy', Santosh posted on social media that Arivu, Dhee and he have not been remunerated by Majjha even though the music label had promised them 100 per cent rights, revenues . And royalties from songs. He said that his efforts to get a response from the label were unsuccessful.

The post created a stir on social media last week because Mazza is a record label co-founded by veteran musician AR Rahman. On Wednesday, Santosh issued another statement to clarify that Rahman “has been a pillar of support without any hope during the entire marrow fiasco” and the Oscar winner is “also a victim of false promises and malice.”

“Arivu, SVDP, Dhee and many other indie artists including me have also never been sent our revenue in any form and have been threatened with emails. I understand emotions are running high and I would urge all of you to support indie artists at this time,” Santosh said in that statement, adding that he would like the rapper to be born in 2021 due to him being allegedly sidelined. Will also issue clarification on the dispute that occurred. Arivu on the success of 'Enjoy Enjaami' and 'Niye Oli'

'Enjoy Enjaami', released in 2021, is a Tamil hip-hop song that incorporates elements of R&B and the Tamil folk music genre, Oppari. The track was written and sung by lyricist Arivu along with Dhee and its music was composed and arranged by Santosh. To date, the track has garnered over one billion total streams across multiple platforms.

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