Exams Commence for Classes 1-8 in Chhattisgarh Schools, Results Expected on April 30


In Chhattisgarh, both government and private schools under the Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education are preparing for the examinations for students of classes 1 to 8 starting from April 1. After the conclusion of the examination and answer sheet verification, the result is expected to be declared by April 30. , simultaneously, CBSE-Pattern School ready for your new beginning academic session on April 1, aligning with the 2024-25 academic calendar.
While the examinations for classes 1 to 12 have already been conducted in schools under the Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education, the examinations for classes 1 to 8 are yet to be conducted. Scheduled from 9 am to 11:30 am, preparations are in full swing in schools to ensure smooth functioning. Schools have been directed to begin the examinations within the first week of April and conclude within a fortnight, the results of which will be declared on April 30.
After the release of the results, there is expected to be a holiday in schools for about one and a half months. Advocates from parents and teachers organizations have expressed their preference for morning school sessions due to the prevailing hot weather conditions in the region. In view of the scorching temperatures, there is a growing demand among parents to operate schools from 7 am to 11 am, giving priority to the health and well-being of students.
In the urban scenario, CBSE-pattern schools are also preparing to resume classes from April 1. With children likely to face sunlight and rising temperatures, the education department is deliberating on the possibility of following last year's directive, which had advocated for morning shifts. As a result, efforts are underway to arrange school timings that reduce the risk of extreme heat, thereby ensuring a conducive learning environment for students.
Strategies for Class 1 to 8 Exam Preparation
Preparing for Class 1 to 8 exams requires strategic planning and dedication. First of all, organize the study material and make a structured study schedule to cover all the topics thoroughly. Understand the exam pattern and practice solving sample papers to become familiar with the format and improve time management skills. Focus on mastering fundamental concepts, especially in subjects like math, science, and language. Regular practice and seeking clarification on doubts from teachers or peers is important for comprehensive understanding. Prioritize a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise to optimize cognitive function and concentration levels. Finally, stay positive, maintain a disciplined approach to revision and use mock tests to assess preparation and identify areas of improvement.

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