Fire in island camp injures eight Rohingya refugees


Dhaka: eight Rohingya refugees Were Injured A fire broke out on Saturday due to a gas leak Saturday at a camp on the remote Bhasan Char island, police said.
Bhasan Char police chief Kausar Alam Bhuiyan said eight refugees with partial burns due to a fire that broke out in a house within a cluster were sent to a government hospital in Noakhali district.
He said that five children were also among the injured.
Bangladesh has relocated about 32,000 people from border camps in the south-eastern district of Cox's Bazar to Bhasan Char Island since late 2020.
The move has faced opposition, particularly from aid groups that are worried about a disaster in a country that regularly faces severe weather, especially along its coast.
The government has dismissed security concerns on the island, citing the construction of flood defences, as well as housing for 100,000 people, hospitals and cyclone centres.
Nearly one million members of Myanmar's Muslim minority live in camps made of bamboo and plastic in Cox's Bazar, most of them fleeing a military crackdown in 2017.
Fires often occur in camps with crowded temporary structures. At least 15 refugees died and more than 10,000 homes were destroyed in a massive fire in March 2021.
Nearly 12,000 people were left homeless last year after about 2,800 shelters and more than 90 facilities, including hospitals and learning centres, were destroyed in fires. A panel investigating the fire called it a “planned act of sabotage”.

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