Five Rohingya found dead after Indonesia boat capsize: UN


Moulaboh: bodies of at least five Rohingya refugees They have been recovered off Indonesia's west coast after their boat carrying about 150 people capsized last week, UN officials said Monday.
mostly Muslim ethnic Rohingya There is severe persecution in Myanmar, and thousands of people each year risk their lives making the long and expensive sea journey, often in flimsy boats, to try to reach Malaysia or Indonesia.
Indonesian rescuers called off the search for remaining Rohingya refugees on Friday after 75 people were rescued, while some survivors reported that their boat and that of another man trying to help them capsized days earlier. Dozens of people were swept away.
“Another body found” united nations refugee agency (UNHCR) protection assistant Faisal Rahman told AFP that local authorities had confirmed the recovery of four bodies a day earlier.
Four bodies were found off the coast of Aceh Jaya district on the northern tip of Sumatra, and one body was found off the coast of western Aceh, where the capsize occurred 16 nautical miles (30 kilometers) off the coast, said Mitra Suryono, a spokesman for UNHCR Indonesia.
West Aceh police deputy chief Iswahudi, who like many Indonesians goes by the same name, told AFP the fifth body was that of a male found by fishermen on Sunday night.
On Thursday, authorities made a dramatic rescue of 69 Rohingya who had been adrift at sea for weeks before their boat capsized, many of whom were found clinging to the hull of the capsized ship. Six others were rescued by fishermen on Wednesday.
According to UNHCR, from mid-November to late January, 1,752 Rohingya refugees, mostly women and children, arrived in Indonesia's Aceh and North Sumatra provinces.
The UN agency said it was the largest influx into the Muslim-majority country since 2015, driven by worsening conditions in illegal camps in Bangladesh and the persistent threat of violence in Myanmar, the Rohingya's native Myanmar.

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