‘Forgot’ Hamas attack: Israel-Ireland spar over Irish PM’s first speech condemning war in Gaza


New Delhi: Israel's Foreign Ministry strongly rebuked New Ireland Prime Minister Simon Harris claimed he mentioned the war Gaza In his first public speech he did not mention October 7 Hamas attack.
“Even after the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, and even after the war crimes of Hamas terrorists, there are people Ireland Who insist on being on the wrong side of history,” the ministry said.

The ministry also claimed Harris is in cahoots with Irish Foreign Minister Martin, who is planning to provide further support to terrorism by issuing a legal opinion with South Africa, 'Hamas' legal arm'.

Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed that the nation will continue to protect its citizens in accordance with international law and ensure the release of 133 Israelis held hostage by Hamas in Gaza for the past six months, as well as eliminate the 'terrorist organization' Will continue his efforts. Hamas so that October 7 never happens again.

Ireland rejects insult
The Irish government rejected the Israeli Foreign Ministry's criticism regarding Harris' inaugural speech and said the Taoiseach has consistently maintained a neutral stance when addressing the conflict, including condemning the kidnapping of the hostages and demanding their release. Is.

According to The Irish Times, Harris' spokesperson said, “By any impartial analysis, Ireland has always condemned the Hamas atrocities committed on 7 October and called for the hostages to be released. The Taoiseach has repeatedly said this Is.”

In her brief remarks about Gaza during her first speech as Taoiseach on Tuesday, Harris reportedly condemned the Hamas attack on October 7, which killed about 1,170 people, but Israel's disproportionate military response. Also condemned, which resulted in the death of more than 33,000 people.
Harris said in her speech, “In Gaza, we are witnessing a humanitarian disaster and innocent children, women and men being starved and slaughtered. We are not silent on Hamas's inexcusable terrorist actions on October 7, nor We can remain silent.” On the Israeli government's disproportionate response, as a country, we will do our part to help bring about a ceasefire and lasting peace. This weekend I will travel to Brussels and deliver this message to Europe on behalf of the Irish people. ,

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