Formula 1: Formula E boss vows to pay Rs 2 crore if Max Verstappen loses 2024 Formula 1 season |


formula e ceo Jeffrey Dodds Recently supported in an interview max verstappen to win upcoming 2024 formula 1 Season. Dodds further claimed that if any of the other 19 drivers on the current F1 grid managed to beat it red Bull Posterboy, he will donate $250,000 or approximately Rs 2.07 crore in Indian currency to the charity of the winner's choice.
“99% he [Max Verstappen] Gets that trophy. If he doesn't win it, if any of the other 19 drivers win it, we'll give a quarter of a million dollars to the charity of the other driver's choice who wins it.” He added that it would obviously be a lot of donations. It wouldn't be the “worst day at the office” to give money away, but [Verstappen] “Ready to Win”.
To brush your memory a bit, the 2023 Formula 1 season was the most impressive year ever for Red Bull – which managed to win all but one Grand Prix race held in the season. In addition to adding a third Drivers' Championship trophy, Verstappen managed to break several other Formula 1 records, including most wins in a year, most podium positions in a year, most consecutive wins in a year, largest championship winning margin Is included. Some.
Red Bull looks set to repeat its winning ways in 2024 as well. However, with an increasingly competitive field, the Milton Keynes-based team will not be resting on their laurels. Verstappen has previously spoken about the RB19 (2023 car) struggling on road tracks – an area the team will work on this year.
Do you think any of the other 19 drivers can challenge Max Verstappen for the 2024 Formula 1 Drivers' Championship? Let us know in the comments below.

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