France to Scrap Birthright Citizenship in Mayotte to Curb Immigration | World News

Feb 11, 2024

Paris: birth of children of immigrants MayotteThe french overseas territories Located between Madagascar and the African mainland, they will no longer automatically become French citizens, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said late Sunday.
“It will no longer be possible to become French if one is not the child of French parents”, Darmanin told journalists upon his arrival on the island, and announced an end to it. birthright citizenship There – for the first time in recent French history.
Located close to the impoverished Comoro islands off the East African coast, the former French colony has become the epicenter of fierce social unrest, with many residents blaming the undocumented immigration For worsening conditions.
Far poorer than mainland France, Mayotte has been rocked by gang violence and social unrest for decades. The situation has become worse recently due to water shortage.
Since January, residents of the island have been striking in protest of unacceptable living conditions and creating road blockades, bringing much of the local infrastructure to a standstill.
The reform, which Darmanin said was French President Emmanuel Macron's idea, would require changes to the constitution.
It comes less than three weeks after France's highest court struck down large parts of a new immigration law designed to tighten access to welfare benefits for foreigners and curb the number of new arrivals to the country.
Immigration is a hot issue in France, one of the strongholds of far-right anti-immigration parties in Europe.
However, Darmanin said that “there is no question of doing the same for other regions of the republic.”

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