French President Emmanuel Macron warns against ‘limits’ on backing Ukraine


cautioning against european security I was at stake ukrainefight against Russiapresident of france Emmanuel Macron Warned allies on Thursday against imposing limits on support for Ukraine.
In an interview aimed at clarifying his policy, Macron said that Europe would have to keep 'all options' open in the event of an outbreak of war. The French President stressed that Europe should not show weakness and should do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning a war that would threaten the security of ordinary French and European citizens.
“If Russia wins this war, Europe's credibility will be reduced to zero,” Macron said in an interview with French broadcaster TF1 and France 2 television.
Describing the conflict in Ukraine as “existential for our Europe and France”, Macron said anyone advocating “limits” on aid to Ukraine “chooses defeat”.
He said there had been “a lot of limitations in our vocabulary” since the Russian invasion in February 2022.
Macron's comments came ahead of a summit in Berlin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, where the focus will be on Ukraine.
He further said, “Two years ago we said we would never send tanks. We did it. Two years ago, we said we would never send intermediate-range missiles. We did it.”
In a statement after the interview, Macron said that if Russia wins the war in Ukraine, it would not stop its regional ambitions, which threaten neighboring Moldova, Romania and Poland.
“Russia has become a power that wants to expand and it is clear that it will not stop here,” Macron posted on Twitter. “If we abandon Ukraine, if we let Ukraine lose this war, Russia will certainly threaten Moldova, Romania, Poland.”
Macron acknowledged that negotiations would be needed after the war ends but stressed that peace does not mean Ukraine's “surrender.”
Quoting the famous phrase used by the British Prime Minister, he said, “To quote (Winston) Churchill, today we must have – 'the nerves of peace'. Wanting peace does not mean defeat or letting Ukraine fall.” Is.” A 1946 speech in the United States shortly after World War II ended.
Macron said “all options” are on the table for France in support of Ukraine.
“Should the situation become worse, we will be prepared” to prevent a Russian victory, but he also said that his country would “never be the aggressor” in the war.
“We will never take the initiative,” he said.
He warned that “If Russia wins, the lives of the French will change. We will have no security in Europe.”
Macron, who said he has probably spent more hours talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin than any other major leader in recent years, said the Kremlin chief could not be trusted.
“Who would think for a second that President Putin, who does not respect any of his limits and commitments, would stop there?”
He described Russia as France's “rival” but was careful to avoid using the word “enemy”.
Macron caused concern across Europe last month when he said the possibility of sending ground troops to Ukraine could not be ruled out.
According to an opinion poll for the daily Le Figaro, his remarks received little response among colleagues, but also among the French population, with 68 percent disapproving of such a declaration.
Majorities in both houses of parliament this week backed Macron's Ukraine strategy, with the far-right RN party abstaining and the radical left voting against, with its representatives accusing Macron of “provoking war.”
Asked on Thursday about sending ground troops to Ukraine, Macron replied: “Today we are not in that position,” adding: “There is a reason not to exclude options.”
“If Russia continues to escalate tensions, if the situation deteriorates, we must be prepared to take the decisions that are necessary to ensure that Russia never wins.”
With Ukraine facing military setbacks since the failure of a counteroffensive last summer, Macron shocked some allies by not ruling out sending Western troops to Ukraine last month.

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