From Coffee Machine To Vacuum Cleaner, Everything Is Cake Trend Is Back On The Internet


If you have a soft corner for cakes then you must know about the trend of hyper-realistic cakes. Bakers in every corner of the world are busy putting their creativity to use and are jumping on the bandwagon of ‘everything is cake.’ In the latest turn of events, a user on X (@Sadie290) has dropped a montage, showing a baker slicing a few hyper-realistic cakes. The clip begins with the baker Jonny Manganello, who also appeared on Netflix’s hit show ‘Is It Cake?’ cutting a cake made in the shape of a stock pot. The video begins with a background narration saying, “When your kitchen is just cake.” With bright orange-hued frosting, the stock pot can be seen kept on a wooden chopping board next to an onion and celery. As Jonny cuts a big slice, we get a glimpse of the chocolate filling.

Next, the clip shows the baker slicing a cake in the shape of a black coffee machine. After slicing the coffee machine, the video shows the lavender-hued filling inside. Guess what? Even the coffee pods were edible. Then the video cuts to a frame, where the baker is slicing a cake in the shape of the cereal bowl. The mint green colour cereal bowl was baked with vanilla filling. Even the milk bottle was a cake, cut open to show chocolate filling inside. Next up? A purple colour vacuum cleaner with strawberry filling, followed by a Ranch bottle cake. The clip concluded with Jonny cutting a mayonnaise jar cake made with chocolate filling.

Watch the full video here:

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In no time the comments section was flooded with several users sharing more of such trending clips. A user shared a clip of a hyper-realistic steak cake and wrote, “Cake or steak?

Another dropped a clip of French-Swiss pastry chef and chocolatier Amaury Guichon, creating a hyper-realistic cake which looked completely like a cardboard delivery box.

Another clip showcased a book-shaped, capsicum-shaped, and mouse-shaped cake.

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There were also cakes by Redrose Cake and Tuba Geckil, designed to look like a cup, a jacket and a glove. 

Which is your favourite cake from the ‘Everything is Cake’ trend? Share with us in the comments.

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