‘From sneaking into the stadiums to captaining an IPL team’: Shubman Gill goes down memory lane | Cricket News


New Delhi: Newly appointed captain of Gujarat Titans. Shubman Gill His journey from entering the stadium to watch an Indian Premier League (IPL) match during the beginning of the league to now leading a team is depicted. He also shared information about which eminent stars will serve as his guides as a leader.
Speaking in a video posted by the IPL's official Captaining an IPL team, the journey has been great. I remember the first time I quietly walked in and jumped through a gate, and the security guards were chasing us. It was me and my other best friend. We got pictures with Brett Lee, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene (former Punjab Kings player). MI was playing so I also met Sachin sir (Tendulkar).

Discussing his captaincy influences, Gill praised India's World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni, calling him an inspiration.
However, he stressed that he will gain many insights from Rohit Sharma's captaincy, especially since he has played most of his cricket under Sharma at the international level.
“Mahi (MS Dhoni) bhai, I have not played under him. But watching him go about things as a kid and how he handled things is my inspiration. I have also played under Virat Kohli a bit. Have played Tests. I have played the most. There are a lot of qualities in my cricket under the leadership of Rohit Sharma which I will learn from him,” Gill said.
on playing against hardik pandyaOnce his captain and teammate in GT and under whom he has also played in T20Is for India, Gill said, “It's going to be interesting. Hardik bhai, I have played for the Indian team and Gujarat Titans. It's going to be interesting. It's going to be exciting. Hopefully, the stadium will be full and cheering for us. It can't get better than that.”
“I am grateful for what I have achieved so far and hopefully I will be able to achieve a lot more. I can't say that this or that thing will be different this time (as a player now he is a captain) But by the time the season is over, if I'm happy, my team will be happy and we'll make some good memories. If we make some good memories, I'll be able to sit back and say to myself that we had a great season. Gill concluded.
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