German princess becomes first aristocrat to pose naked for Playboy

Feb 7, 2024

New Delhi: Princess of Saxony, Xenia Florence Gabriella Sophie Iris, has become the first person from an aristocratic lineage to pose for the throne. nude For local version based in usa Slacker magazine.
According to the German magazine Bild, the princess appeared topless in the local edition of the magazine, hoping that her decision would show that “every woman is beautiful just as she is.”
Frederick August III, who died in 1932, was the last king of Saxony and great-grandfather of Princess Gabriella. The princess told the magazine that “she would have approved of the photoshoot.”
“His description to me was very humorous and loving. So he must have accepted it. I feel a special connection with him,” Gabriela told Bild.
The 37-year-old woman, who belongs to the 1,000-year-old House of Wettin, is unsure whether her royal family will approve of the move.
Princess Xenia said of her relatives at the Wettin House, “I would be surprised if they bought a copy. But of course I hope they would at least afford it.”
The princess said that her royal origins felt “like a curse” during her childhood. When she was in 7th grade, her school friends finally learned about the elite title and the experience was “terrible”.
The princess continued, “Straight away the first girls asked me if I had a maid and the boys asked if I would marry them so they could become princes.”
The princess added that she now sees her royal title as a 'blessing' to make the most of it. The title has allowed him to participate in several reality shows such as 'Die Berg', 'Summer House of the Stars' and 'Battle of the Reality Stars'.
“I want to bring the reality back to reality TV and also show people who I really am,” the princess told Bild.
She revealed her royal lineage in her 2011 biography titled 'Xenia: The Life of a Princess in the 21st Century'. But the House of Wettin, one of the oldest documented families of German nobility, rejected their claim.
“She is nothing. There can be no biography of her. This thing is a terrible mistake, a misfortune for the 1,000-year-old House of Wettin,” Maria Emmanuel, head of the now defunct dynasty, said of Princess Xenia's biography. about.

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