“Gone Too Long…”: Ex-Australia Star Suggests Big Rule Change For ODI Cricket

Feb 9, 2024

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Former Australian cricket team batsman Aaron Finch believes that ODI matches should be reduced to 40 overs a side to bring back interest in this format. In recent times, with the increasing popularity of T20, a lot of questions have been asked about the relevance of the format. In a recent discussion, Finch said that in ODI matches, teams bowl 11 or 12 overs per hour and due to the slow over rate, the interest of the spectators has reduced. He said that there is a possibility that cricket fans will start calling ODI matches as 'glorified T20' and as a result, the 40-over format could be beneficial in the future.

“I think it goes to 40 overs, I'd love to see that,” Finch said on ESPNcricinfo. “In England, they used to have Pro-40 and that was a big competition. In my opinion, I think the game has gone on too long. Teams have slowed down their 50 overs so much that it's 11 or There are around 12 left.” over/hour and this is not acceptable. People will argue that maybe it's a glorified T20 game but it's about the crowd.”

However, former Australian cricketer Callum Ferguson did not agree with this suggestion, but said that the 40-over format could be beneficial for the weaker teams.

“I'm not that prepared for every series. I think when you have all the big players playing against each other, I still think the strength and the ups and downs of a 50-over game is amazing, But when it's so one-sided, when you have West Indies… who are struggling to get back into the World Cup, they are so far off track, I think 40 overs can be suitable for that type of series. , It could bring them closer together,'' he said in the same conversation.

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