Google I/O 2024: Search With AI-Powered Multi-Step Reasoning, Planning and Video Search Features Unveiled


Google I/O 2024 started with several major artificial intelligence (AI) announcements. On Tuesday, the tech giant held its first day of keynote sessions, where it introduced new AI models, integrated AI with Google products, and teased new capabilities for Pixel smartphones and Android 15. During the event, the company also announced several new features for Google Search. , Search Generative Experience (SGE), which is only available to some users, is now launching in the US as an AI overview. New multimodal capabilities for the search engine were also unveiled.

AI overview

Last year, Google introduced SGE as a generative AI-based search where users could get a snapshot of information curated by AI at the top of the results page. This was an experimental feature available only to some users. The search giant is now rolling out the rebranded feature as AI Overview to everyone in the US. It has also been confirmed that the feature will soon expand to more countries and reach one billion users by the end of this year.

Integrated with Gemini's capabilities, AI Overviews shows answers to 'how-to' questions in a simple text format where information is curated from across the web. It also finds the most relevant answers and shows them at the top of the page. It also helps users find the right product while shopping online. The AI ​​shows both links to sources of information and gives an overview of the topic.

The company will soon introduce two additional format options for AI overviews – Simpler and Break It Down. The simple format will simplify the language to help children and people without technical knowledge understand the topics. On the other hand, the Break It Down format will break down the topic into smaller concepts to help users understand the complexity in a step-by-step manner. It will first be added to Search Labs as an experimental feature and will be available for English queries in the US.

New Google Search Features

In addition to the AI ​​overview, Google introduced three new AI-powered features in Search. First of all, Google Search is getting multi-step reasoning capabilities that will help it understand complex questions asked by users. The search engine will show results with all the requirements of the query. For example, if a user wants to know about the best gym that has introductory offers and is within walkable distance, Search will be able to understand each requirement and show the nearest gym with the highest rating and introductory offers. The tech giant says it will use high-quality sources to find this information.

Google Search is also getting a new planning feature. Gemini AI integration will allow search to show results for queries like meal planning or travel planning. It will be able to take into account each and every criteria of the users and show only relevant results. Search something like “Create a 3-day meal plan for a group that's easy to prepare,” the company said, and you'll get a starting point with a wide range of recipes from across the web. Additionally, users will be able to make adjustments to make detailed changes to such queries once the results are displayed. For example, users can opt for vegetarian recipes or microwavable recipes.

Finally, Google is bringing Gemini's multimodal capabilities to search. Users will soon be able to ask questions along with videos. To expand the scope of Google Search, the company will let users upload a video about something they want to ask a question about. Asking a text question along with a video will allow the AI ​​to process the video and answer the question. This will be a useful tool to ask about things that are hard to describe. While multi-step logic and planning searches are available through Labs, video searches will be added soon. Both are currently limited to English questions in the US.

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