Goren Bridge: Magic in the air


Today's deal is from a tournament in Türkiye. In a competitive auction North-South bid fair to win the heart. The contract seemed doomed on this lie of cards, but there was magic in the air.

The defense began with two high spades and a third spade, the former with three hearts and the over-boiled with four. Shuffleing Dummy's spade winner seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be an error. South cashed the Ace of Hearts and the trump position was revealed. From One Heart to Dummy 10 was followed by the King of Hearts. Leaving this position, South returned with the aces of diamonds in his hand:

South drew the last trump by dropping a diamond from dummy with the queen of hearts, and East could not defend its position. If he should leave a club, South would move a club to the East and establish their own club. Instead, East discarded a diamond, so South moved a diamond to the king and the other diamond to East, who served to move his king away from the clubs. Making four after a beautifully played deal.

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