Goren Bridge: Tommy would be proud


North's four-diamond bid may not be to everyone's taste, but it yielded a nice slam contract. There was Patrick Petruha from South Poland.

South gained the early spade lead with dummy ace and led the king of clubs. West won with aces and took another spade to the king of dummy. South cashed in the Queen of Diamonds, feeling pretty good about things, and was sick when West came out. The South did not accept defeat. He cashed the queen of clubs, snatched a heart from her hand, and ruffed a club. He cashed his queen of spades, drawing less hearts from dummy, then cashed the ace of hearts and ruffed a heart. This was the situation, with lead in the dummy:

South led one club from dummy and beat East's nine of diamonds with aces. He took his heart out on Trump's dummy Jack and headed to another club. He won the last two Trump Easts with Trump Coups. Beautifully done!

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