Greece set to legalize same-sex marriage despite church opposition

Feb 11, 2024

New Delhi: greece ready to legalize gay marriage Despite warnings from the Greek Orthodox Church. Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis is counting on a coalition with left-wing lawmakers to pass legislation next week, even without the support of a key faction of his own party, Fox News reports.
The Greek Orthodox Church, which is the dominant religion of 90% of the population in Greece, opposes the proposal. The Holy Synod of the hierarchy of the Church of Greece issued a unanimous ruling last month saying that same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples are unacceptable.
The report of the Holy Synod states, “Obviously, the State makes the law, but this parameter neither deprives the Church of her freedom of expression nor exempts the Church from the duty of informing the faithful, Nor can it indicate to the Church what sin is. The Church does not make laws and is not responsible for laws. However, if it remains silent, it takes on a grave responsibility and absolves itself of “
Mitsotakis argues that the law is a matter of equality, aimed at preventing the creation of different classes of citizens and ensuring that all children are treated equally. He clarified that decisions taken by the Greek state are independent of religious beliefs and that his government addressed practical matters related to the clergy.
The controversy over the law highlights a growing divide between secular Greek leaders and the country's religious identity. Mitsotakis acknowledged that historically, there have been disagreements with the church on issues such as civil marriage, cremation and the removal of religion from Greek identity documents. However, he stressed that these changes have proven necessary and have had no negative impact on society or the relationship between state and church.
It is expected that the Prime Minister and the coalition will pass the proposal on February 15.

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