Hamas tells mediators it will stick to original position on ceasefire


CAIRO: Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said on Monday it had informed mediators that it would stick to its original proposal to reach a comprehensive ceasefire, including the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, the return of displaced Palestinians and a 'genuine' exchange of prisoners. -Replacement included. ,
Hamas presented Gaza ceasefire The proposal reached by mediators and the United States in mid-March included the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners, 100 of whom were serving life sentences, according to a proposal seen by Reuters.
The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Monday demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after the United States abstained from the vote, sparking a dispute with its ally Israel.
The remaining 14 council members voted in favor of the motion – proposed by the body's 10 elected members – which also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. There was applause in the council chamber after the voting.
Egypt and Qatar are trying to bridge differences between Israel and Hamas over what a ceasefire should look like as a deepening humanitarian crisis threatens to wreak famine on the population in Gaza.
According to the proposal, Hamas said that the initial release of Israelis would include women, children, elderly and sick hostages in exchange for the release of 700–1000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. Also includes the release of Israeli “female recruits”.
Hamas also said it wanted to exchange Palestinian prisoners and Israeli hostages as part of a broader ceasefire agreement that would end the war. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office responded to Hamas' proposal, saying it was still based on “unrealistic demands”, and vowed to continue its ground offensive until it eliminates Hamas. Chasm.

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