Hamas warns Israeli offensive in Rafah may lead to ‘tens of thousands’ of casualties

Feb 10, 2024

New Delhi: Hamas has issued a warning of attack on Rafah on Saturday israeli army The result may be “tens of thousands“If Israel attacked Rafah in the south, the number of dead and injured would be Gaza Strip,
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu In the search for those responsible for the October 7 attacks in southern Israel, troops were ordered to prepare for a possible entry into the densely populated city, where displaced Palestinians live.
This announcement has raised concerns among foreign governments, including United States of americaand aid agencies responding to the growing humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
Hamas said in a statement that any military action in Rafah would have devastating consequences and could lead to many casualties.
The Palestinian militant group that controls the city said it would hold the US administration, the international community and the Israeli occupation responsible for such an incident.
Rafah, located on Gaza's southern border with Egypt, has become a last resort for civilians seeking refuge from the Israeli bombing campaign taking place in other parts of the Gaza Strip.
Nearly half of Gaza's 2.4 million residents are currently sheltering in the city, according to the UN report. Many of them are forced to sleep outside in tents and makeshift shelters, raising significant concerns about shortages in food, water and sanitation.
Philippe Lazzarini, head of the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) on Friday expressed this important Israeli offensive in Rafah “Can only lead to an additional layer of endless tragedy.”
Netanyahu has instructed military officials to develop plans to both “evacuate” Rafah and “destroy” Hamas fighters in the city. Witnesses reported new attacks on Rafah early Saturday, raising concerns among Palestinians about a possible imminent ground offensive.
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