Harry and Meghan’s photo not altered, photographer says


Amid the recent controversy over Kate Middleton's edited Mother's Day photo, another royal photo has come under scrutiny for alleged alterations. valentines day photo Of Prince Harry and Meghan Marklewhich was shared to announce her second pregnancy in 2021, has been criticized by UK media for adding a willow tree in the background.
However, the photographer who took the picture has strongly denied these claims and demanded an apology. artist misson harrimanIn a post on Instagram, shared the original color version of the photo and said, 'Original JPEG without black and white gradation, I expect a full apology and refund from @dailymail @telegraph. No trees or grasslands were removed or altered, this image was taken straight from the camera. Also, that's a jacaranda tree, not a willow tree.'
The black-and-white photo depicts the Sussexes under a tree, with pregnant Meghan resting her head on Harry's lap, and the couple smiling happily. The Daily Mail says it has admitted tampering with Harry and Meghan's pregnancy announcement photo. , Obviously, I was removing the trees and grasslands. And I admitted it in an episode of a podcast called Private Passion. This is crazy,” Harriman expressed.
The photographer revealed that during a podcast interview, he was asked about capturing images virtually during the lockdown and was asked some leading questions.
Harriman tried to avoid those questions and when asked if the couple were under a willow tree, he replied that they were lying outside in the meadow. “How could this exchange imply that I am admitting to tampering with an image is fraudulent,” he said. The claim was “dangerous and unacceptable”. Harriman clarified that the only change made to the photo was the change from black and white to color.

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