Have summer travel plans? Why fliers should book flight tickets now to get best price deals

Feb 7, 2024

No flight ticket sales expected? Travelers are advised to book their summer travel plans now and take advantage of the current situation airline sales, According to airline officials, the number of Indian passengers will increase this summer, but the number of flights may not be enough to meet the increased demand. This means that there will be no last minute fire sales by the carriers.
To meet growing demand, airlines plan to add more than 150 new aircraft in 2024, a 34% increase from last year. However, according to a report by ET, even with this increase, it may still not be enough to meet the demand.
It is expected that around 200 aircraft will be grounded due to engine problems and financial problems at weaker airlines. Ayyappan Rajagopal, CEO of online travel portal Cleartrip, advises travelers to make all their reservations by March to avoid overpaying. flight tickets,
IndigoIndia's largest airline currently has 74 aircraft grounded as of December. While efforts are being made to increase capacity by extending leases on existing aircraft and leasing new aircraft in the short term, CFO Gaurav Negi expects the airline's yield to remain strong this quarter due to capacity constraints, which will be at least Will continue to decrease. First six months of 2024.

Number of grounded aircraft

Number of grounded aircraft

delivery of boeing The 737 Max aircraft may also face further delays due to capacity constraints. Aviation consultancy firm CAPA estimates that the risk of overcapacity in the market will be postponed until 2025, because of the time it will take to restore grounded aircraft to service.
Despite these challenges, travelers who plan their travel in advance can still get good deals. Air India Recently a sale has been launched with economy class fares starting at Rs 1,799 for some domestic routes and Rs 3,899 for foreign destinations. Other airlines including Indigo and Vistara have also offered similar offers.
According to an executive of a low-cost airline, sales offers are launched during weak sales periods to fill planes and ensure further sales. Forward bookings currently appear to be extremely strong, indicating a change in travel behaviour.
Read from ET flight plan for summer
Cleartrip's Rajagopal believes more people are opting for shorter breaks rather than longer holidays, which is contributing to the overall strong demand. Flight occupancy is expected to reach record highs this summer.

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