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Bengaluru:A American court Document revealed HCL Technologies' claims directly blaming French IT firm Atos Copyright infringement Documents obtained by TOI show that this persists. The U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed the magistrate judge's findings and granted Atos' motion to dismiss in part and denied in part. HCL Technologies Atos is seeking $132 million in damages for copyright infringement.
In 2018, HCL Technologies spent $1.8 billion to acquire select software assets from IBM, one of the largest acquisitions by an Indian IT services company. Had IP (intellectual property) partnership with HCL IBM On some of these products, HCL will develop the products and IBM will sell and service them. Following the terms of an asset purchase agreement between IBM and HCL in 2018, HCL Technologies became the sole owner of DX Software and Domino Software.
IBM assigned HCLTech the right to sue HCLTech for past, present and future infringement, misappropriation, or any other violation of HCLTech's exclusive proprietary rights in DX Software and Domino Software, the court document shows. HCL America, a subsidiary of HCLTech, is an authorized reseller of the two software products.
Prior to IBM's sale of DX and Domino to HCLTech, IBM licensed DX and Domino to one or more Atos entities under an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA). Under such enterprise agreements, IBM customers can make “Catalog Purchases” that allow a prepaid payment of an amount, and the customer can later decide which IBM programs will be licensed under it. After IBM sold DX, Domino and other software products to HCLTech under the APA, HCL began communicating with Atos and other commercial users to better understand their needs for DX, Domino and related software upgrades. , as court records show. HCL alleged that Atos used DEX and Domino for its own benefit, allowing the latter to generate revenue and substantial profits without compensating HCL America.
When TOI contacted HCLTech, the company declined to comment as the matter is sub judice, while Atos said it would not comment on ongoing legal matters.

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