“Heatproof Woman” Uses Hands To Fry Udta Vada Pav, Internet Is Shocked

Feb 6, 2024

Street food is a go-to solution for hunger for every food enthusiast. From north to south India, each region has its own specialities. Whether it’s golgappe, bhel puri, momos, or pav bhaji, we all have a favourite when it comes to street-side food adventures. Both young and adults like to enjoy standing by food carts and savouring these delights. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the hard work put in by the vendors to serve these treats. A video circulating on Instagram features a woman selling Ulta Vada Pao in Nashik. In the video, while frying the pao, the “heatproof woman” uses her hands instead of a ladle. While some viewers are applauding the woman’s talent, others are expressing concerns about the unhygienic practice of using bare hands.

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The video begins with the woman setting up a makeshift table. She places a stove on top of the table, and positions a wok on the stove. The next step involves filling the wok with oil. Using a steel utensil, the woman proceeds to prepare a batter using gram flour, salt, and water. Meanwhile, she takes a bun, creates a cut in the centre, and fills it with aloo masala and a cheese slice. The bun is then dipped into the batter and placed into the hot oil for frying. Once the Ulta Vada Pavs are cooked to perfection, what makes the process stand out is the woman’s unique technique – she forgoes a ladle and, instead, uses her bare hands to retrieve the vada pavs from the hot oil. Afterwards, she plates the pavs, cuts them into smaller pieces, adds a topping of chutney and fried chilli, and serves the dish.

After watching the video, the internet had mixed reactions about the unique technique.

A user wrote, “I’m pretty sure it tastes good.” 

Another asked, “How is she touching hot oil?” 

Some inquired, “Address please.” 

“Kitna unhygienic food h [This is unhygienic food],” read a comment.

A person said, “Just because you can do certain things does not mean you should.”

Someone else commented, “My naked eyes can see those dead burnt skin cells floating in the hot oil.”

“Cut your nails before cooking,” a few echoed.

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