House Republicans impeach US immigration chief over border crisis


Washington: The Republican-controlled Voting took place in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday with a slight margin Finding guilty Democratic President Joe Biden's top border official accused him of lax policies that have encouraged illegal immigration.
By a vote of 214–213, the House approved two articles of impeachment, accusing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of not enforcing U.S. immigration laws, which Republicans argue overreach at the U.S.-Mexico border. There was a record influx of migrants and false statements were made in Congress. ,
This came a week after a similar vote failed in Speaker Mike Johnson's legislative defeat. Republican Representative Steve Scalise, who is undergoing cancer treatment, was not present for last week's vote, but returned to Washington this week and provided a crucial vote.
But it is highly unlikely the Democratic-majority Senate will vote to oust Mayorkas.
Record numbers of migrants have crossed the border illegally from Mexico since Biden took office in 2021, and former President Donald Trump has made it a major focus of his campaign against Biden.
Mayorkas has said that he is not responsible for the border situation, instead blaming the broken US immigration system that Congress has not been able to fix.
Constitutional experts and even some Republicans have said that the House investigation of Mayorkas failed to produce evidence of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that the U.S. Constitution cites as grounds for impeachment. Instead, he dismissed the fight as a mere “policy dispute.”
U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Tuesday said the number of migrants arrested crossing the southern border illegally fell from a high in December to 500 in January, citing seasonal trends and increased enforcement by the United States and partner countries. % decreased.
The Department of Homeland Security, in a memo released Tuesday, defended Mayorkas' enforcement at the border and called on Congress to work with the Biden administration to reform outdated laws “rather than facilitating this impeachment sham.”
A week before Tuesday's vote, hardline Republicans in the Senate, at Trump's behest, defeated a bipartisan deal to address border security, the most comprehensive in decades, according to his supporters, including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. There would have been a change in border security policy. ,
,House Republicans “We are engaged in this fight to secure our national borders in a big way,” Republican Rep. John Rose said Tuesday. Arguing for Mayorkas, Rose said, “Essentially, (Democrats) Like the job he's doing, or should I say not doing.'' Impeachment.
Republicans have a slim majority of 219-212 in the House.
Trump was impeached twice by the House, when Democrats were in the majority, and acquitted twice by the Senate, which was in Republican hands.
House Republicans are currently investigating whether any of Biden's past conduct before moving to the White House could involve a high crime or misdemeanor that could result in impeachment. Some Republicans have said they have not yet seen such evidence.

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