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Abdu Rozic to those who trolled him for engagement photos: 'I deserve to be happy too'

Abdu Rozik shared this image. (courtesy: abdu_rozik)

New Delhi:

singer and bigg boss 16 Contestant Abdu Rozic, who recently got engaged, shared a video addressing his trolls. Ever since Abdu Rozik posted his engagement pictures with fiancee Amira, a section of the internet has been trolling him mercilessly. In the video, Abdu requested people not to leave “bad” comments on his post. Abdu captioned the post, “Thank you to everyone who congratulated me and wished us well, but with the good news I also have to talk about some bad incidents. I want to say about the negative comments and those Who are making fun of me and my existence.” Too bad, very sad. Imagine Amira and her family reading these comments.”

Abdu Rozic said what had been a celebratory post had now turned into a “nightmare”. He continued, “After much discussion and reluctance we went public and unfortunately it's going from the best news to a nightmare. People marry people who are deaf, blind, don't have arms and legs, but because I'm short So you make fun of me.” (sic). My health is good Alhamdulillah and I also deserve to be happy. Please be kind to each other and respect each other because at the end of the day we don't know what our kids will look like and these jokes are hurtful and hurt people. Mentally, we have to first learn to love and be kind, then educate others.”

She signed the post with these words, “I used to be ashamed of who I am and my size and many families would hide their children who are like me. But now, Alhamdulillah, I and all like me People, this has to be done.” Stand tall and be accepted.”

See Abdu's post here:

Announcing their engagement in an Instagram post last week, Abdu wrote, “I never thought in my life that I would be so lucky to find a love that respects me and is not burdened by the obstacles in my life. No, except for the date of July 7. I can't express to you in words how happy I am.

Over the weekend, Abdu shared photos from her engagement ceremony.

Abdu Rozik is going to get married on 7th July.

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