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New Delhi: Innumerable candidates of Indian Administrative Service have started preparing for the upcoming upsc preliminary exam 2024, IAS officer Sonal Goyal Shared a picture of his UPSC Mains marksheet on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday.
This post is becoming increasingly popular on the internet, describing his journey from facing initial failure in his first attempt in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2007 to his final selection in the May 2008 results.
In his post, he emphasized that even though he did not get an interview call in his initial attempt due to low marks in the General Studies paper, Goyal's determination remained unwavering.
“When I saw my #UPSC Civil Services 2007 #Mains marksheet, it was a nostalgic moment, which reminded me of the trials and triumphs that led to the final selection in #May2008 results. I just want to share with the candidates. In my first attempt, I had failed in the main examination and could not get a call for interview due to low marks in General Studies paper. However, this setback made me leave no stone unturned in achieving my goal. 'Enhanced the determination of others,'' he wrote in his post.
Describing how he dedicatedly focused on the UPSC IAS syllabus and devoted himself completely to mastering the General Studies paper, Goyal wrote, “I then dedicated myself completely to the General Studies paper. I dedicated myself to improving in other aspects of Mains by focusing on mastering the paper and making notes, frequent revision and #answerwriting. I did LLB from Delhi University and CS – Company Secretary “I poured my heart and soul into every aspect of the course while working a part-time job.”
Amid concerns among first-time and repeat UPSC CSE exam takers about the exam format and their chances of success, this online post has caught the attention of users on social media.
He further said in his post, “Results? In my second attempt, I not only passed the exam, but my marks in General Studies were the highest compared to my optional subjects – Commerce and Public Administration.”
Through her highly motivational posts, she reminds all the aspirants that with unwavering dedication and continuous effort, no obstacle is too difficult. Additionally, he emphasized that each setback and failure serves as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and ultimately achieve success.
“Reflecting on this journey, I am reminded of this invaluable lesson for aspirants. It is a reminder that with dedication and sustained effort, no obstacle is insurmountable. Every setback and failure is a time to learn, improve and ultimately win.” There is an opportunity to.” ” He said.

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