IDF kill four senior Hamas leaders in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital


Tel Aviv: The israel defense forces ,e d f) has said that it has taken the lives of four senior people leader of hamas During the operation in Gaza City Al-Shifa Hospital Where many people associated with the terrorist organization were hiding.
The deceased have been identified as Raad Thabetwho, according to the IDF, is Hamas' head of recruitment and supply acquisition and Mahmoud Khalil Zakzouk, who is the deputy commander of the Hamas rocket unit in Gaza City, according to the IDF statement.
The other two have been identified as senior Hamas operatives Fadi Dweik and Zakaria Najib.
The IDF said Dweck was a senior Hamas intelligence officer and was involved in a 2002 shooting incident in the West Bank that led to the deaths of four Israeli civilians.
The IDF said Zakaria Najib was a senior operative at Hamas's West Bank headquarters and was involved in planning and carrying out attacks on Israel in the West Bank.
The IDF said in a statement Saturday night that shelling continued at the al-Shifa hospital complex and that its troops had killed about 200 Hamas activists inside the hospital.
The statement also said the IDF killed several Hamas gunmen in the Khan Yunis area of ​​southern Gaza on Saturday.
The Israel Air Force also conducted airstrikes in the Al-Amal and Al-Qura area, primarily to support the IDF ground offensive, the military said.
Israeli Defense Ministry sources told IANS that the IDF was conducting search operations in Al-Shifa and Al-Nasser hospitals, where several Hamas members were still hiding.

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