IIM students’ unique ‘AC helmets’ to beat scorching summer: Used by Vadodara traffic police


As soon as summer starts in India, it is scorching heat. heat waves Everyone is suffering, especially those who have to spend their days outside. Keeping this in mind, IIM students A unique solution has been developed in Vadodara, Gujarat – air-conditioned helmet that provides relief in high temperatures.
The helmet is designed to be battery operated, providing much-needed cool air circulation around the wearer's head during long shifts in the hot sun. Vadodara Traffic Police The department has started distributing these ac helmet To your employees. about 450 traffic police officer They have been equipped with these advanced helmets deployed during the hottest hours of the day.

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The affordability and scalability of the design will be a key factor in determining whether these AC helmets will become a standard equipment for the general public as well as traffic police across India.
heat related illnesses Such as heat exhaustion And heatstroke can pose serious health risks, especially in hot and humid conditions. AC helmets can help reduce these risks by keeping the wearer cool and reducing the chance of heat-related illnesses. This will also help in promotion safety gear For motorists. It is always advisable to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler as it is meant to protect you from serious injuries in case of accidents. Not wearing a helmet while traveling on the road is a punishable offence.
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