I’m In The Limelight More For Personal Reasons


Arbaaz Khan on his changing relationship with paparazzi after marriage: 'I am more in the limelight for personal reasons'

Arbaaz Khan shared this picture. (courtesy: arbaazkhan)

New Delhi:

Arbaaz Khan, who married makeup artist Shura Khan last December, is enjoying the paparazzi limelight. The newlyweds have been a favorite of the shutterbugs for quite some time now and Arbaaz is aware of the importance of the omnipresent paparazzi in today's times. Talking about the limelight he is getting after marriage, Arbaaz told News 18, “I think right now I am in the headlines for personal reasons more than professional. Sometimes some things happen in our life which we Affects a lot more.” [attention],

Coming from a film family and starting his career in the early 90s, Arbaaz was not accustomed to the paparazzi culture in the early days of his career. Talking about his evolving relationship with the shutterbugs, Arbaaz said, “This papa culture has grown rapidly recently. It was not there even 10-15 years ago. Initially, I was a little apprehensive of the paparazzi thinking that I wouldn't say I was averse to them but I wasn't sociable either, unless I was having a good day.'

Arbaaz has also told that he is cautious about his body language on camera. He told News 18, “Today, I have accepted the fact that paparazzi are a part of the territory and it is something that no one can escape from. I have realized that it is important to embrace it and behave well with them is better. “

Sharing pictures from their wedding, the couple wrote, “In the presence of my loved ones, I and I begin this day of a lifetime of love and togetherness! Need all your blessings and good wishes on our special day.” To keep an eye:

Arbaaz Khan's first marriage was with Malaika Arora. They were married for 19 years and got divorced in 2017. They still co-parent their son Arhaan, who is pursuing higher studies abroad.

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