Imran Khan On His Break From Acting: "I Had To Fix Myself, Be At My Healthiest"

Feb 6, 2024

Imran Khan, who has been away from the Bollywood limelight for many years, has been making headlines for sharing glimpses from the sets of his previous films. In a recent conversation with Vogue India, the actor explained why he took a break from acting. “I had a really bad time in 2016 where I felt broken inside,” she revealed. Luckily, I was working in an industry that rewarded me financially, so when I turned 30, I didn't have to worry about money. At that time, it was not my career because I was not excited by it enough to want to work hard for it. I had recently become a father and I thought, 'This is valuable.' This is something I take seriously. I wanted to be the best version of myself for Imara. I decided that becoming an actor is no longer my job. Now, I had to fix myself; Be the healthiest and strongest for my daughter.”

Imran Khan further said, “WhenKatti Battiflopped, I wanted to figure out a few things, so I started working backwards. What were the biggest hits of the last two or three years? What were the films that brought success to my contemporaries? Do I like those movies? Would I have said yes if they had offered me the offer? The answer was always no. And this clarified something for me. What I really wanted was for the films I was in to be successful.” For your information: Imran Khan was last seenKatti BattiIn the year 2015, since then he has been MIA from the big screen. According to the report, “As per popular demand, he (Imran Khan) is back in front of the camera. He is taking baby steps: one day's shooting now, but hopefully the film will be scheduled soon.

Let us now tell you the interesting story of Imran Khan's comeback. It all started in August last year when veteran actress Zeenat Aman posted the video of an advertisement featuring her on social media. While Zeenat Aman's fans were celebrating her return, a fan named Aditi, who was longing for Imran Khan's return, commented, “Zeenat Aman ji also made a comeback, when will Imran Khan do my Patani? [Even Zeenat Aman has made a comeback, wondering when Imran Khan will make one too.]Imran Khan jokingly replied, “Come on Aditi, let's leave it on the internet… 1 million likes, and I'll make it.” [shake hands emoji].” And just like that, the agreed number of likes was instantly achieved. For context, Aditi, played by Genelia D'Souza, was Imran Khan's love interest in the 2008 filmYou know… or I don't know,

Take a look at Zeenat Aman's post below:

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Meanwhile, Imran Khan was also in the news after he was seen with his alleged girlfriend Lekha Washington at Ira Khan's wedding.

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