In a rare occurrence, Mysore M Manjunath will perform with his children at the centenary concerts celebrating Karnataka’s music legend SV Narayanaswamy Rao


For an accomplished violinist like Mysore Manjunath, who has won national and global awards and performed in 40 countries, his enthusiasm to perform at the SVN Rao centenary program at the Sri Ramaseva Mandali Trust in Nettigere is refreshing.

“It is an honor for my children Sumanth Manjunath, Malvi Manjunath and me to pay tribute to classical music pioneer SVN Rao for whom music was life. We have a long association with the troupe – my brother Nagaraj and I are grateful to SVN for their encouragement,” says Manjunath, who spoke during a visit to Mysore after a concert in Dharwad.

“Violin has been the life and soul of our family and it is gratifying that the third generation is continuing this legacy,” Manjunath says with quiet pride, when asked how it feels to see his children join the family tradition. be felt.

Mysore Manjunath

Mysore Manjunath Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“My father, Mysore S Mahadevappa, while receiving the Bangalore Singing Society's Sangeet Kalaratna in 2013, remarked, 'I don't know how much I have done to achieve this, but I am satisfied that my students, most importantly My sons, Nagraj and Manjunath, are carrying forward my violin legacy. Can any guru or father ask for more?' My father would have been thrilled that the third generation was continuing this tradition.”

Manjunath recalls, Mahadevappa loved teaching Sumanth as a grandfather-guru. “His education criticism, melody And Neraval It was much more amiable than the discipline stick that Nagraj and I experienced. Later I took charge of Sumanth's education. Learning to play the violin to master the instrument, and preparing a musician for a concert are two different dimensions of learning and presentation.

Sumanth, son of Mysore Manjunath

Sumanth, son of Mysore Manjunath. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“Today, I am happy that Sumanth, who has a master's in music and plans to pursue a PhD in music, has performed solo concerts at international festivals and conducted workshops in more than 15 countries, including Oxford and Cambridge universities . past few years. He is preparing for another Europe tour in April.

Manjunath's daughter Malvi, named after a traditional Carnatic raga, who is in eighth grade, “wants to meet her brother.” As a child, Malvi began singing training with her grandfather, and later received guidance from her father in learning the violin. “She was with us three months ago color entry On violin at Yadugiri Yathiraja Matha in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. She has also been playing solo and with Sumanth. During our practice sessions, the three of us focus on improvisation and creative presentation critis “It needs to expand to see imaginative and inventive productions to establish identity,” says Manjunath.

“It was one of our sessions at home when Malvi was learning about different musical pieces Hindola Raga He explored various techniques and learned the nuances of fingering that are required to handle melody And the emotions in the song are different.

Malvi, daughter of Mysore Manjunath

Malvi, daughter of Mysore Manjunath. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The mathematics and grammar of presentation that dictate tempo, and the phrasing that requires different strings of playing, were also particular areas of interest to Malawi. In one of those rigorous practice sessions when Sumanth attempted some fast phrases that he expected his sister to follow, she paused, her eyes wide in disbelief that the bow and finger could maintain such a rhythm. Can! It took only one day for Manjunath to motivate him to learn the nuances of playing, to make him smile again.

Violinist Mysore Manjunath and his children Sumanth and Malvi will perform at Sri Ramaseva Mandali Trust, Nettigere on March 16 at 11.30 am. For details call 9482965659 or mail

SVN Memorial Hall at Nettigere

SVN Memorial Hall in Nettigere | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Celebrating a musical legend

The centenary celebrations of SV Narayanaswami Rao, one of Karnataka's leading musicians who promoted Ramanavami celebrations with music, are underway in Bengaluru. “We are my father S. platform. For him, music and spirituality were parallel paths of sweet devotion,” says SN Ramprasad, the eldest son of SV Narayanaswami Rao, who is the managing trustee of the Sri Ramseva Mandali Trust.

“We built the SVN Memorial Hall amidst nature at Netigere on Kanakapura Main Road six months ago as a suitable backdrop for concerts,” says Ramprasad.

On March 16, there will be a saxophone recital by Sridhar Sagar at 9.45 am, followed by a violin recital by Mysore M Manjunath and his children Sumanth and Malvi along with mridangam vidwans Yela Venkateswara Rao and G Guruprasanna at 11.30 am.

The SVN Rao National Award will be presented to Ghatam exponent TH Vinayakram and Carnatic singer brothers Rudrapatnam brothers RN Thiagarajan and RN Tharanathan on March 17 at APS College, NR Colony.

“Just as my father believed that his Ramnavmi platform would benefit music lovers, our trust will also reach out to government schools in and around Nettigere to propagate classical music,” says Ramprasad.

Mysore brothers and violinists M. Nagaraj (far left) and M. Manjunath

Mysore brothers and violinists M. Nagaraj (far left) and M. Manjunath

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