India among top 5 markets, says DHL


New Delhi: Global Logistics Head DHL Express on Wednesday said it will invest more than Rs 1,600 crore in India over the next five years keeping in mind the country's boom. Economic Development and its expectations jointness Growing “exponentially” in the coming years.
Speaking at the release of the Global Connectedness Report 2024, John Pearson, CEO, DHL Expressways, said India remains in the top five. market For the company, he appreciated the pace of development of infrastructure, especially highways, in recent years.
He said that “Incredible India” is not just for tourism but also for businesses in the country.
Pearson said, “For starters, this is a market that is recording the highest GDP growth among major markets… We are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities. We have a great manufacturing base here. It It's an incredible country, very innovative.” Very creative, in my opinion, and setting itself up for huge logistics success.”
According to the report, India has overtaken China on two key parameters – exports to GDP ratio and services exports. The report said that in 2021 and 2022, India's exports and imports as a share of GDP grew rapidly and the intensity of India's services trade far exceeds China's for both exports and imports.

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