“India Have Not Been…”: England Great’s Criticism Of ‘Virat Kohli-Less’ Hosts

Feb 9, 2024

Former England captain Nasser Hussain said India have not been as brutal with the bat in the absence of star Indian batsman Virat Kohli during the first two Test matches against England at home. India have leveled the five-match series 1-1 and Virat missed the first two Tests due to personal reasons. According to a report by ESPNcricinfo, the batsman will also miss the third and fourth Test matches against England in Rajkot and Ranchi. The report says that it is doubtful for the former Indian captain to play in the last match of the series against England in Dharamsala.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Nasser said that without Virat's aggression and one-on-one approach, India have suffered in their batting.

“he is [Virat Kohli] An aggressive cricketer. He is a one-on-one cricketer, but really, I think with the bat, in three out of four innings, India have not been as ruthless as they wanted to be,” Nasir said.

“It is 1-1 and they have batted very well. Players like KL Rahul batted well and Shubman Gill and young Jaiswal have done brilliantly with their double centuries.”

He also said that Indian batsmen have been facing easy dismissals many times in the series, which Virat does not have to face as he is “motivated by runs and winning games.”

“There have been some easy dismissals in the Indian batting lineup, and that has left them vulnerable at times. One thing about Kohli's batting is brutal. He doesn't get out easily. He is motivated by scoring runs and winning games. So , He will be missed. Any team will miss the class of Virat Kohli,” he said.

Pointing out India's difficulties in converting good starts into big scores, the former English captain also criticized his team's batting and said that no team wins a Test match by scoring 30 and 40 runs.

“England's problems in the second Test match, apart from (Jack) Crawley, there were a lot of 30s and 40s, and they may look good on the scorecard, but they don't win you a Test match, and the same with India. It was Hyderabad.”

“None of their batsmen managed to score a 100 or a bigger century, and if you look at the second Test, where Jaiswal scored a double century in the first innings and Shubman Gill scored a 100 in the second innings, that's what wins you a Test match. “

“However, you want to do it, you can do it aggressively like Jaiswal did or classily like Shubman Gill did. That's what Dravid will be trying to do and find a home in that team. 'If we are going to miss Kohli's runs, we cannot score 60s and 70s, we need big runs'.

He concluded, “This also applies to England. A lot of batsmen have come and gone in Vizag and that is something they need to fix.”

The third Test between the two teams will be held in Rajkot from February 15.

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